I’m obsessed with this beautiful blazer from BCBG. I made the look casual by pairing it with a simple tank top, leather leggings, and flats. My co-worker, and friend, Jenna Vidal took these photos. She’s very into photography and loves taking fashion pictures. I will add her Facebook page link as soon as she gets it up and running, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more pictures taken by her soon. Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit! Thanks for reading!
Leggings | Forever21 (similar here)
Flats | Aldo (similar here)
Bag | MichaelKors




I really enjoyed wearing this outfit, I hope you guys enjoy it too. I want to note that I purchased this sweater in a size large, just so I could have that off the shoulder oversized look. Photo credit goes out to my lovely boyfriend, I decided to take a few shots of him afterwards haha.

Outfit: Sweater | H&M
Shoes | Aldo
Shorts | Forever21



I wore this outfit to class on a sunny Spring day. The weather was finally a little warmer, but I’m still in winter mode and ended up wearing a beanie and boots. All the clothing in this look is from Forever 21. I took these pictures using a tripod so I apologize for the lack of variety.

OUTFIT: Kimono | Forever21
Tank Top | Forever21 (similar here)
Leggings | Forever21
Boots | Aldo (similar here)


I wore this outfit yesterday to work. The weather this entire week has been TERRIBLE here in New Jersey. So much rain on & off, it was driving me crazy. Today was beautiful though, a little chilly but no rain finally. But yesterday was very misty and foggy. In the pictures you can tell there was no sunshine what so ever. I had to go to work that night at BCBG so what I did was wear this look during the day during my errands, and then switch the moto vest with a blazer to work to look somewhat professional. I’ve been a bit lazy lately with my outfits, been wearing lots of these jogger pants. But they are so perfect for those days where you’d love to just throw on sweat pants. They are just as comfortable but make an outfit look cute, not lazy. These type of pants are all over the place, and definitely worth your money they’ll be in all through spring as well. Hope you guys liked this look, details are below!


OUTFIT: Jogger Pants | Forever21 (more options here!)
Leather Vest | Forever21
Crop Top | Forever21 (similar ones here)


Hello lovelys! I’m back again to share with you my outfit I wore today. The weather was a little muggy and misty today. I wanted to put on something comfortable so I decided to throw on easy leggings and a comfy scarf to keep me warm. Believe it or not, the top I’m wearing I bought from Charlotte Russe about seven or eight years ago. I was about 13 years old haha! I finally, for the first time, wore it today! It always wound up sitting in the back of my closet and I was never able to give it away. I LOVE it now, and so happy I didn’t get rid of it. Floral and lace clearly gives a girly vibe and that’s what I was going for today. Really hope you guys enjoyed this look! Talk to me, I’d love to hear about your favorite fall looks! xoxx


OUTFIT: Floral Top | CharlotteRusse (similar here)
Scarf | H&M (many here)
Combat Boots | Aldo (very similar)
Watch | MichaelKors (many here)


Hello pretties! This is a very simple look I wanted to share with you guys. I wore this outfit yesterday to my classes. I go to school twice a week for 7 hours each day so when I’m there I want to be as comfortable as I can be. I decided to throw on a simple crop top with this plaid-like type of shirt. Btw plaid is EXTREMELY in for this fall! You’ve probably noticed all the plaid that’s being sold in basically every single clothing store in the mall. It’s a huge thing for this season. Anyways, I paired the two tops with just a simple pair of Forever 21 dark skinny jeans. I really don’t like how I look in jeans, I can’t seem to find the right fit for me, but denim goes with pretty ANYTHING so it’s a necessity for anyones closet. To make the outfit less simple, I put on some black wedges from PacSun. Everything I’m wearing is extremely affordable and would look good on ANYONE. Hope you liked this look. Leave some comments below if you have any suggestions or any questions! Thanks for reading! xoxx


OUTFIT: Crop Top | Stylesforless (I got mine from PacSun but this ones the same!)
Shirt | Forever21 (I got mine from H&M a year ago, but this is similar)
Jeans | Forever21
Wedges | PacSun (similar here)
Purse | Aldo

fashion student

‘Fall into Madness’ is a simple, easy, go-to look for this fall. This look is super edgy, yet super comfortable. The oversized sweater gives it a more relaxed, chill type of look. The leggings and studded wedges make it stand out and give the sweater some edge. The red and black together give it a more “punk” type of look. The red lips was the final touch to give it more of a pretty feel to it. If you enjoy this look as much as I do go try it out on yourself, you can wear it to school or for a night out, it’ll look awesome I swear! xoxx



OUTFIT: Oversized Sweater | Forever21
Leggings | Forever21 
Wedges | similar here  (mine are from Cotton On)

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